Message to Moors Gate Readers: Preparing for the Paradigm of Change

20 01 2011

“Ye are the children of one father, provided for by his care; and the breast of one mother hath given you suck. Let the bonds of affection; therefore, unite thee with thy brothers that peace and happiness may dwell in thy father’s house. And when ye separate in the world, remember the relation that bindeth you to love and unity; and prefer not a stranger before thy own blood. If thy brother is in adversity, assist him; if thy sister is in trouble, forsake her not. So shall the fortunes of thy father contribute to the support of his whole race; and his care be continued to you all, in your love to each other.” – MHK (Chapter 25)

After spending the past two years working on and earning an MBA, with an emphasis on global and international management practices, Moors Gate’s website and content declined due to a lack of attention. Since the educational and professional development goal has been successfully achieved, for that phase of development, it is now the aim of Moors Gate to not only begin providing more innovative and educational articles, but to also offer new skills building services, educational materials and a greater level of dialog with the Asiatic community as a whole.

In developing a more comprehensive vision and mission statement for Moors Gate, it became evident that the Moorish American Community continues to 1) struggle economically, 2) possess a strong need for cohesive partnerships within its own communal structure and 3) need a plan for developing and maintaining an open dialog for Moorish Americans. The Moorish Community will continue to be stagnant and divided until such partnerships begin to come into fruition and a collective approach is taken for the advancement of Asiatics.

As a Moorish American and a constantly developing professional, I understand the challenges that the Moorish American community has faced since the departure of Noble Drew Ali. Moors Gate plans to work diligently to help Moorish American organizations do the following: 1) Develop Professional Strategic Plans, 2) Improve the Organization’s Operations through the Appropriate Implementation of Specific Management Systems as Developed by the consulting arm of Moors Gate, 3) Enhance the Organization’s Product and Community Service Delivery, and 4) Work in Partnership with willing and like-minded individuals/organizations to help grow each Organization’s Network Capacity. Moors Gate plans to develop more cohesive growth oriented relationships that both support Moors Gate and other progressive Organization’s Vision, Mission, and Community.

Moors Gate has studied extensively, the How’s and Why’s pertaining to the Moorish American Community’s lack of overall progress. After studying, analyzing and searching for practical solutions that not only help, but foster overall change and success, Moors Gate has developed a Solutions Based System that uses a specific time-tested Management System to help Organizations overcome business obstacles, administration and economic challenges and organizational struggles that hinder the organization’s ability to achieve goals and objectives, hampers program growth and operations and thwarts Moorish Unity. One of Moors Gate’s primary focuses is to assist community based organizations in developing and implementing a growth oriented system for success based upon a concrete “systems” approach to organizational development, growth and maintenance.

Moors Gate’s mission is to “Add Value to the Moorish Identity,” Enhance Moorish American Capabilities, Improve Organizational Performance, and Foster Continued Education for the purpose of being more competitive and progressive in all aspects of civilization development, cultivation and maintenance through high-quality consulting services and literature/educational products.

The vision that guides Moors Gate is building and maintaining a trusting, respectful, and supportive relationship that prioritizes Innovation, Organizational and Professional growth while propagating the values of Moorish Americans and developing sound solutions for economic stability, self sufficiency and educational curriculums and opportunities for Asiatic youth.

Moors Gate believes that collaboration with other organizations that have similar value systems can and will make a positive and lasting impression in our communities. Moors Gate core values are:

· Providing Individuals and Organizations with the necessary tools for learning and change

· Providing Organizations with the tools and/or insight to develop diverse partnerships that benefit the community as a whole

· Help Asiatics better understand the significance and benefits of Moorish American values

· Help Asiatics cultivate their potential and talents that demonstrate results in the form of beneficial and progressive action, that does not stagnate growth and that does not degrade Moorish Identity

As you navigate through the Moors Gate site, ask yourself how could Moors Gate benefit you or your organization? Moors Gate will make it its business to get a clear understanding of your goal(s) and work to put together a “systems based solution” to help you and your organization reach your goals. Moors Gate looks forward to serving you and your community by providing innovative and progressive ideas and information.

When providing information in the “contact us” portion of the website, please be sure to include your return e-mail address or any other contact information necessary for further dialog. Also, expect additions and changes to the Moors Gate website as time progress.

Economic and Strategic Plans were developed to guide Moors Gate toward both its long-term and short-term goals in aiding in the “Uplifting of Fallen Humanity” in both the Divine and National aspects of the Moorish Divine and National Movement. Moors Gate looks forward to a year of positive change and healthy accomplishments.


Zothyrius Ali El, MBA/GM

Will Pope Benedict XVI’s Visit to Turkey Fuel a Jihad (Holy War)?

29 11 2006

Pope Benedict XVI is planned to tour Turkey for a four day vist beginning on November 28, 2006. Many seemed to be highly concerned about the outcome of this visit due to the statement the Pope made about muslims in his September 12th speech. He was noted as stating that Islam was a religion of violence with no substantial contribution toward spiritual upliftment. The muslim world was outraged at the comments made by the Pope, despite the Popes attempt to clarify his comments which came from a conversation bewteen a 14th century Christian Byzantine Emperor and a Islamic Persian. The Quote is as follows:

“Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.”

Kingdom of Heaven (Widescreen Edition)After the Popes quotes regarding Islam, the thought of “modern crusades” crossed the minds of many Christians and Muslims. Almost two and half months after his comments, it? has? now? become strategy? for Pope Benedict XVI’s to visit? one of the largest? muslim nations in the world,? Turkey. This visit is two fold in nature, which involves 1) a pilgrimage to one of Christianity’s last strongholds in Turkey and 2) the amendment of the Christian/Muslim relationship. Despite the hopeful plans of this mission, many remain concerned about the Popes well being as the Vatican plans to “beef up” security for the Popes protection.

The interesting aspect regarding this situation was the release of the movie, “Kingdom of Heaven” on May 6, 2005, almost one month after the election of Pope Benedict XVI (April 19, 2006). Interesting enough, the Pope took possession of his cathedral, the Basilica of St. John Lateran (the mother church among Roman Catholics), on May 7, 2005, one day after the release of “Kingdom of Heaven.” The release of this movie created a new interest in the crusades, the holy wars between the Christians and Muslims, which now seems to be the chrysalis for a great world conflict. Could Pope Benedict XVI be the father of the modern day crusades?

The next four days will be very interesting.

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Zothyrius Ali El

A Look into the up and coming book by Zothyrius Ali El

22 11 2006


The following passage is from the up and coming book written by Zothyrius Ali El entitled, “The Divine Teachings of Noble Drew Ali.” This book is being written for the purpose of exploring deeper and higher levels of consciousness by penetrating the boundaries of the inner temple. This work looks at the teachings of Noble Drew Ali from a non-traditional perspective. It provides reference material from numerous text that are adept in nature which not only validate the ancient and mystic teachings of Noble Drew Ali, but also supports his liberating message of “Self Mastery.”

Zothyrius encourages, in this work, that each student of Moorish Science awaken the subtle energies centers that constitute the process toward the spiritual journey to oneness with ALLAH. Read this excerpt from the up and coming book and leave feedback regarding this work in progress.

Chakras“The previous passage informs the mystic and pure seeker that Issa (Yashua, Eshu, Jesus) carried the divine codes of this primordial science of Islam and taught the ancient lessons of the Sacred Unity as man and ALLAH are not two, but ONE. As the mystic teachings instruct the adept of the divine composition of man, it is realized that the following is Truth: ‘That the beginning of form and vibration belonging to the material are nothing other than physical energy. The physical energy vibrates higher into energy of the cosmic ethers, and from the cosmic ethers the energy, once known as man, is then condensed into the thought photonic geometries of ALLAH.” Thus “ALLAH Consciousness” lies hidden within and behind the layers of matter, cosmic ether and consciousness. Therefore, the ancient and mystic practices of Divine Unity-called ISLAM-encompasses all sacred messages containing the same cosmic code-Truth (al Haqq). Within the sacred Temple of Islam, without oxygen and without food, is the sustaining transcendent nutrition of ALLAH. The science of Islam, as taught by Noble Drew Ali, is the beacon light to self, the Only Self: ALLAH.”

The pictures in this post are by Alex Grey of

Zothyrius Ali El

The Psychological Trauma of “Mental Slavery”

12 11 2006


The idea of slavery is often visualized with chains, bondage and harsh punishment or physical abuse. However, most fail to realize that the most powerful type of slavery is “Mental Slavery” as described by Noble Drew Ali. This type of abuse is often not identified as abuse because the victim does not realize they are being abused as their is no physcial pain being inflicted. The deceptive tactics of “Mental Slavery” embeds itself within the deeper regions of the subconscious, while disconnecting the higher faculties of consciouness to create a “Social Zombie.” This “Social Zombie” refuses to accept any type idea of psychological progression as they fear the pain of “thought,” conscious action, or material deficiency due to the active expression and utilization of higher mind faculties.

The Willie Lynch Letter & the Making of a SlaveIt was an is the unfortunate effectiveness of the dehumanization “Willie Lynch” cirriculum that has its victims perpetuating phsychological and physical destruction onto themselves. Through language, denationalization, pysche-subjugation and the demise of the familial infra-structure, the possibility for clinical diagnosis was allowed despite the need for a thurough diagnosis of the root of the current clinical issues: Mental Destruction and Natal Identity Self Harm Tactics.

Breaking the Curse of Willie Lynch: The Science Of Slave PsychologyIt is also important to identify why Asiatic relationships suffer as family is the first techology for the expression of “Unity.” To relinquish the parental rights of Willie Lynch, instructions must be provided to reverse the phycosis of self destruction and victimology. As we exist in a time of disorder, confusion and psychological chaos, it is paramount that one educate themselves and utilize internal direction to ensure future progression and the reduction of a self-defeating mind state.

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America's Legacy of Enduring Injury and HealingOften times, a well respected and published “Doctor” is needed before the sceptic begins to take select theories as possible fact. In this case, a book written by Dr. Leary has emerged as a scholarly defense against sceptics that perpetuate the feeling that “Mental Slavery” does not exist. Regarding this book, the following has been stated:

“While African Americans (Unconscious Moors) managed to emerge from chattel slavery and the oppressive decades that followed with great strength and resiliency, they did not emerge unscathed. Slavery produced centuries of physical, psychological and spiritual injury. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing lays the groundwork for understanding how the past has influenced the present, and opens up the discussion of how we can use the strengths we have gained to heal.”

This book will serve as a healthy read and it will also penetrate the psyche while nourishing it with information that could lift the veil of ignorance regarding the affects of psychological slavery. To purchase this book, click the following:

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Grand Sheik: Zothyrius Ali El

Dallas Conference: A Success!!!!

9 11 2006

hannibalOn November 3rd-5th, Moors gathered at the Paul Quinn College for the purpose of “Uplifting Fallen Humanity.” There were roughly seventy to eighty participants throughout the weekend whom all desired to see Asiatics unite and prepare a prosperous future for themselves. At the confenfence, the following organizations were present:

  • Moorish Holy Temple of Science (California)
  • Moorish Science Temple (Texas)
  • unityMoorish Science Temple (South Carolina)
  • Moorish Science Temple (Baltimore)
  • The League of Moorish and Indigenous Nations
  • Amexem Moor Empire (Brief Appearance)
  • United Nation of Islam (Kansas City)

It was a beautiful experience as deligates came from California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia studentand Baltimore. It was also great to see college students attending as two enterprising young Moorish students from Langston University, Justin Cochran and Steven Morris Bey, were active participants and witnesses of the foward progression of “Unity.” They traveled from Oklahoma to attend the conference and gain valuable knowledge and insight regarding the “Moorish Divine and National Movement.” Steven Morris Bey reported that he became more elihumotivated about Moorish History and Moorish Science after reading “The Biography of Noble Drew Ali: The Exhuming of a Nation” by Elihu Pleasant Bey. Steven Morris Bey also disclosed that he has encouraged his collegiate peers to read the book as he felt it was a wholistic view of the Moorish Movement in North America.

Also in attendance was Grand Sheik: Jaamiah Moori Bey. He informed the congregates of the positive work that was being done in California. He discussed his plans for their new calibuilding and his plans to strengthen Moorish activity in his area.

The weekend was refreshed as the theology professor from Paul Quinn College, who just so happened to be discussing the Moorish Movement in his class, invited Zothyrius Ali El and Yahushua El Yahuda Bey to address the class regarding the Moors, Noble Drew Ali, the Moorish Science Temple and the Moor’s current activities. The presentation was so dynamic that many students decided to attend the conference after their class concluded.

As the weekend concluded, it grew more interesting as Grand Shiek: Maat Spirit El Bey introduced the congregates to Grand Sheik: Ronnie Johnson Bey whom recently purchased a ranch in Texas that appraised for 1.5 million dollars. However, before the Moors left the conference center for a tour of the ranch, several students of Noble Drew unoiAli met with students of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This was an historic event as the following met for the “Uniting of Asia”: Grand Sheik: Maat Spirit El Bey (LMIN), Grand Sheik: Jaamiah Moori Bey, Grand Sheik: Zothyrius Ali El (LMIN), Grand Sheik: Ronnie Johnson Bey, Moorish Matriarch/Empress: Zaafirah El Bey (LMIN), National Representative: Elihu Pleasant Bey (LMIN), Royall Allah (UNOI), National Secretary: Adam Winthrop (UNOI), and Yahushua El Yahuda Bey (Security/Mufti) and Osar Ra El (Security/Mufti). The meeting went well as a bond for “Peace” and “Unity” was established along with discussions regarding plans for future meetings and agreements.

ranch7To concluded the weekend, Moors visited the “Circle Seven Ranch” operated and owned by Grand Sheik: Ronnie Johnson Bey. The ranch was a grand site as Moors toured the property and discussed the future of the ranch.

Also, the weekend was solidified with a visit to Bro. Takuma Umoja’s bookstore. His bookstore of was reminiscent of the old African bookstores from the past. takumaHis bookstore was well stocked with a diverse collection of literature. It is strongly suggested that you contact him at 817-536-8414 regarding his merchandise. He’s a pleasant and knowledgable man with a lot of positive insight regarding Asiatic stuggles in North America as well as South America as he is a native of Guiana.

Stay posted as more detailed information will be provided about the up and coming conferences. As Moors plan to move forward in “Uplifting Fallen Humanity”, the following schedule was planned for 2007 as a result of the conference in Dallas, Texas:

  • Charlette, North Carolina (May/June)
  • Kansas City (July)
  • California (August/September)
  • Dates are subject to change and specific information regarding the previous dates will be provided as the events grow closer.

Zothyrius Ali El

“Come All Ye Asiatics” (Part 1)

30 10 2006

TheDrewAfter Noble Drew Ali (Sheik Sharif Abdul Ali) left the physical plane in July of 1929, the Moorish Divine and National Movement became fragmented. Several influential individuals, namely Charles Kirkman Bey, E. Mealey El, John Givens El and Elijah Muhammad by way of Lomax Bey and W.D. Fard (Master Fard Muhammad) made strong attempts to teach the Moorish descendents in North America, but several essential elements were lost: Nationality and/or Economic, Social and Political Power.

The unconscious and partially conscious Moorish Americans, in an embryonic state, sought guidance and identity. From the late 1920′s to the current date, many Asiatic people have fallen into a perpetual state of stagnation. Although it was Noble Drew Ali that first taught the Moorish descendents that they were not negro, black and colored, many important elements for a clean and pure nation were lost, ignored or plainly sacrificed for the sake of a title, position or charismatic personality. Eighty years later, the Asiatic Moslems that Noble Drew Ali awakened, are now more divided than ever before. Ladies and Gentlemen of the ancient Asiatic and Moorish identity, there is but one “Nation of Islam” as we are one people bearing one “free national name.” The mighty house was divided, egos were created, personalities were followed and unity became a word instead of an action.

Othello's Children in the As of this day, the great challenge is on – unite and proclaim your national parentage identity. This includes the following organizations: Nation of Islam, United Negro Improvement Association, African Americans societies and organizations and all Moorish Nationals in the many and various Moorish organizations in this hemisphere of Earth. The power of the Moorish Empire is documented with law, in treaties, in history as well as hidden within the “sacred” vaults of the current world super powers. To reclaim “that which was lost,” you must possess the pass word. In this case, the pass word is Moor.

As previously posted, El Hajj Malik El Shabazz knew about the Moors. Marcus Garvey knew about the Moors. Elijah Muhammad, aka Robert Poole Bey, knew about the Moors as he was a nationality card carrying Moor himself; and Minister Louis Farrakhan knows about the Moors.

This is validated by a speech made by Louis Farrakhan in 2003. It is a follows:

Eli Bey“Before Elijah Muhammad, you looked at yourself as a Negro. One of our most wonderful Black organizations was the United Negro Improvement Association, which showed that we still had growing to do. What a wonderful, wonderful teacher Marcus Mosiah Garvey was. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad loved and admired him. Noble Drew Ali is the father of what you call the Moorish Americans or the Moorish Scientists. Noble Drew Ali was admired by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad because he said that Noble Drew Ali gave us a start in the direction toward Islam. The Moorish brothers wore fezzes with the crescent and the tassels swinging freely and they wore the name Bey or El.”

Excerpted from a message delivered by Minister Louis Farrakhan on July 27, 2003

Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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Zothyrius Ali El

The “You are Job” Series by Zothyrius Ali El

25 10 2006

Zothyrius Ali El of would like to inform all visitors of the “You are Job” series that are written for Revealed Meanings which details life as an initiation process within itself. These articles showcase the art of Dossier on the Ascension: The Story of the Soul's Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the Path of Initiationinitiation through the daily act of living.

Zothyrius details how each phase of Man’s life is interwooven with delicate threads of initiatory substance that leads Man closer to self-mastery and self realization. There are currently ten articles within the Job Mysteries that are written by Zothyrius with many more to come on a weekly basis.

Zothyrius is hard at work with helping others gain positive spiritual insight during this intricate journey called life. He urges, in this series, that each initiate/adept learn the 7 Thothian/Hermitic principles and utilize these elements in day to day life as the educational system of initiation is not indigenous to the lodge, temple, mosque, church, synagogue or ashram.

In his latest “You are Job” series, Zothyrius displays a book channeled by Serapis Bey, an ascended master of the Fourth Ray and a master of the realm of “Bey” as purported by European new-age authors. This book specifically details the soul’s reunion with God (ALLAH).

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The Zothyrian Message to the Moors

22 10 2006

As Moors struggle to gain due recognition in the Americas as an upright and respected nation of people, a great and strategic move has been made that could hamper and/or stagnate the movement for industrious and proactive Moors in this hemisphere. This move which took place on October 18, 2006 is called the Military Commision Act of 2006.

The Death of American Empire: Neo-conservatism, Theocracy, Economic Imperialism, Environmental Disaster and the  Collapse of CivilizationThis act suspends Habeas Corpus, denies military detainees the right to the Geneva Conventions in their own defense, allows physical and mental abuse for the purpose of self incrimination and gives government and military forces the right to label you an undocumented immigrant or an unlaw enemy combatant without you having “any” right to a defense to prove otherwise.

Almost 80 years ago Moors were warned that this type of behavior would be exhibited as “Just Law,” but the writings within the records of time also revealed that Moorish Law would rise for the salavation of the oppressed and afflicted of this said land mass.

Moors, the call of “Come All Ye Asiatics” has now been expressed from the etheric tones of the past.

The divine symbol that represents “salvation,” the all seeing eye that represents the “Father of the Universe,” and the clasped hands that represent “unity,” must all be placed into action and effect as this “new day” shows itself to be a formidible force.

The Secret Destiny of AmericaLearn your place amongst nations, study the governmental principles that uphold divine civilization and embrace “Isonomi (right law)” for the maintenance of a Moorish Future.

As the paradigm shifts, universal order begins to calibrate itself for the purpose of planetary balance and Moors begin to express the mastery of the “fez,” the Moorish secret destiny of America will reveal itself.

Zothyrius Ali El

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17 10 2006

moorishwarriorIn Dallas, Texas on November 3rd-5th, the most dynamic and innovative speakers in the Moorish Paradigm will gather to provide guidance, effective strategies and progressive concepts for developing power within the ever growing Moorish American Nation. This “National and Divine” event will concentrate on an Spiritual, Economic and Political Imperative for a Moorish Twenty-First Century.

This grand event will encourage those in attendance to work as a cohesive unit to foster Moorish Solidarity and Power. To support this mission and aim, the following areas will be emphasized by the host of qualified and professional Moorish Speakers:

  • The Political Importance of a Nation
  • How to Organize an Effective Moorish Community
  • The need for Educated and Disciplined Moorish Leadership
  • Establishing International Relationships for Moorish Prosperity
  • Building a New Moorish Future
  • The Blueprint for Moorish Power
  • The Economic Future of the Moorish American Community

This event will take place at Paul Quinn College on Simpson Stuart Road. The admission for the entire three day event will be $30.00.

For more information regarding the event, contact Grand Sheik: Maat Spirit El Bey @ (817)-723-5845

Jay-Z, famous rapper, becomes a United Nations Representative!

16 10 2006

Jay Z, a famous rapper/musician, became the United Nations ‘Water for Life” Representative on August 9, 2006. In a Jayzmoorpartnership with the United Nations, Jay-Z has taken the responsiblity to travel the world to educate todays youth on the world’s water crisis. The ‘Water for Life’ campaign was launched on September 8th to place emphasis on the world water crisis. As a billion people lack access to safe drinking water, the ‘Water for Life’ campaign could be a real eye opener in “Moor” ways than one as Jay-Z comes closer to his Moorish Heritage.

The above picture is of Jay-Z, Governor Bukola Saraki, and the Emir of Ilorin, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu in the Kwara State of Nigeria.

Zothyrius Ali El