The Zothyrian Concept of Moorish Science: A Perspective of the Ancient Science of Self Mastery

26 01 2011

The bodies and the souls of men are finite things, and they will change, yea, from the finite point of view the time will come when they will be no more. “But man himself is not the body, nor the soul; he is a spirit and a part of Allah.” (MHK: Chapter 1)

Moorish Science, the Ancient Moorish spiritual system of Mystic Islam, teaches the esoteric mysteries of the Unity of the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent, Allah. The “Vision of the Heart” (ru’yat al-qalb) is designed to bring man back into his divine inheritance which is the “Oneness of Allah” (101 Key #4).

The Moorish Scientist, through higher thought reflection, knows that from Allah proceeded the Allahuma (Elohim, Universal Principalities) (101 Key #97), and all the worlds of the microcosmic and macrocosmic Universe(s). Allah manifested all forms of reality and principalities within those realities; however, Allah remains single and alone, the Unity behind the illusion of multiplicity.

Moorish Scientists know there is only one Supreme Being, Allah, and that the Allahuma are expressions of that One Supreme Being. Moors strive to unify as one harmonic with the divine principalities, the Allahuma (Elohim), by developing within the psyche, the various attributes and divine qualities that symbolize and harmonize with the 99 + 1 cosmic functions of Allah that exist within Man. As Moorish Scientists, we know that the Supreme Being, Allah, is an ancient and mystic formula/harmonic that is linked to all spiritual systems of the ancient world.

Allah established all creation with the divine principles of Islam (Maat): Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice. Through the mystical practice of Islam and the demonstration of right action, the pure seeker and practitioner of Moorish Science develops the power to determine the quality of life which is led and experienced as an Asiatic Adept. The goal and aim of each Moor is to encourage mastery over their lower self by learning to function in the upper realms of the higher self: the plane of thought that is Self Disclosed by Allah (101 Key #70).

Moorish Scientists further understand that if Islam is not exercised by the Inner Man, then Man will not be in harmony with the universal laws (will) of Allah (101 Key #73); which otherwise breeds Hatred, Slander, Lewdness, Murder, Theft and everything that harms. As a Moorish Scientist, it is taught and understood that the body may deteriorate as it is subject to change, but the Spirit Self is immutable and ever existent as “time never was when man was not (MHK Chapter 1).”

The following are degrees of learning that Moorish Scientists encounter and experience for the opportunity to see beyond the veil: 1) the teaching of the science of Ahadiyya ( The indivisible Unity of Allah), 2) the adept choosing to follow the path of Allah Consciousness by practicing Taklif (the obligation to choose service and demonstrate the universal laws (will) of Allah), 3) the training of character through the art of divine self governance called Mahw, 4) the alignment of the Merciful Breath called al-nafas al-rahmani and 5) practicing the disciplines of Ma’ rifat (gnosis), which include the following components: the Study of the Lataif (subtle worlds within wombman/man), the study of the union of Allah (fina fi al-Haqq), functioning in harmony with the universal laws called haqq al-yaqin, and the acts of retreat and remembering the cosmic functions through Dhikr and Khawla.

Moorish Scientists understand that Allah (Eloah, Elah, Eli, El Elyuwn, Neter Neteru, YHWH) provided the “Primordial Science” (101 Key #18) through the spiritual teachings that were written in the ancient and/or divinely structured texts (Moorish Holy Koran, Holy Quran of Mecca, Bhagavad-Gita, The Torah, The true and ancient scriptures of the Helios Biblio-Text {Holy Bible}, the Ginza Rba and the Pert Em Heru) that were implanted in the four corners of Assiah (plane of Manifestation) to ensure that Ahl al-haqq (the followers of the real) might study the wisdom teaching of Islam [the spiritual system of harmonizing the higher vibrating consciousness with Allah's will, leading Man toward the Final Goal: Allah].

By the practice and exercise of the disciplines of Moorish Science, the adept will discover the Mysteries of Al-Haqq (the truth) (101 Keys #47-48) through mahq al-mahq (obliteration of obliteration) to reach the most divine and ultimate goal of an ever-evolving initiate: Ana Al-Haqq, I Am Truth for “Truth is Aught and Aught is Allah.”

The end result for all Moorish Scientists is to become one with Allah (Ahadiyya) and experience the Self Disclosure of Allah prior to death; to discover supreme harmony through the realization of Islam; to abide in fulfillment of one’s life purpose which is to return by which he came (hafira), and demonstrate peace and harmony in the world by uplifting fallen humanity. This is the Zothyrian Concept of Moorish Science, the science of the obliteration of the lower self.

Zothyrius Ali El, MBA/GM