The Job Mysteries: The Dweller on the Threshold

2 08 2007

“Unnumbered foes will stand before man upon the plane of soul; these he must overcome, yea, overcome them every one. Thus hope will ever be his beacon light; there is no failure for the human soul, for Allah is leading on and victory is sure.” – The Moorish Holy Koran

The great initiation of the “Job Mysteries” involves a deep and esoteric significance within the grand scheme of creation. It must be understood, as adepts of infinite wisdom, that the story of creation is a continuous phenomena in the universe. Each day, each motion of the clock hand and each event has a different creation story to unfold.

As the infinite procession of distinct vibrations encourage man to know that divine power is limitless and extraordinarily vast, man must also fathom in his time oriented body of flesh that the initiation process is, for some, far greater than a expanded spiritual intelligence quotient (IQ).

Man must realize that the entrance into the vast kingdom of infinite being involves trial and hardship. Just as the Masonic Lodge has an outer guardian (Tyler) securing the sacred temple against unworthies (cowans), the vast kingdom of spiritual infinitude has it”s own guardian (Devil) to ensure that only the worthy, with the correct divine harmonic (password) can enter into the house of the Grand Architect of the Universe (Allah).

The Job Mysteries carry great detail as the object of initiation begins at birth and ends once man losses his identity of self; as man can not comprehend God, but God comprehending himself.

-Zothyrius Ali El