The Cosmic Code in Man: The Genetic Vibrations of Allah

24 06 2007

There remains, as mystery, a connection between DNA and the Divine and Cosmic functions of ALLAH. The Divine Names of ALLAH are generally recognized as the 99 plus one names that are utilized in the ancient Asiatic practice of Dhikr. The divine and sacred names of ALLAH used in the text of the prophetic and encoded writings throughout millennia were brought forth as an avenue for higher service and pyscho-spiritual transformation on the plane of Assiah: The plane of manifest.

Woven in the infinite wisdom texts of Asiatic teachings, the fabric of the Asiatic bio-physical structure came out of the utterances of the Divine Word or Logos. The Moorish teachings, from the Moorish Holy Koran to other consciousness transfiguration text has made the correlation that the divine essence within the cosmic function termed “Name,” was the key behind the transcription code of Amino Acids (Chemical Codes/Letters) that formulated the human bio-structure. Since ancient times it was known by the great scientists that there was a connection between the linguistic geometric signals and the genetic associations in the power of ALLAH’s infinite cosmic functions. To validate this as fact, scientists began studying the genetic codes using the Divine Name Code in specific letter arrangements including the “start” and “stop” coding of letter sequences for each of the amino and nucleic acids. This code as been currently termed the Hebrew Genetic Code. Regardinging the combination of the DNA codes, which constructs the many complex amino acids into a functionary system, details the DNA code as a genetic matrix of infinite cosmic information. After careful observation and study, modern scientists found that there was a mystic connection between DNA and the tetragrammaton of the ancient asiatic fire language (Hebrew). Although the tetragrammaton is associated with four letters, it uses only three from the alphabet. This linguistic system is similar to DNA and RNA that contain four (pyramidion) nucleotides as “letters” but are read only with three at a time to make the genetic codon that codes for the amino acids of the asiatc bio-structure. What is termed the holy logos is no more static than the DNA sequences, and can be reconfigured for different bio-physcial and psycho-spiritual functions.

An example of this coded message is mystically interwoven in John 1:1 which states – “In the beginning was the word (Logos), and the word (Logos) was with God, and the word (Logos) was God”, which signifies an act or action of creation or manifestation which embodies the code of God (ALLAH).

The asiatic bio-physical structure is no-longer viewed as a simple sort of flesh oriented machinery, but now as an infinite coding stystem containing hidden realms of informations and higher consciousness coordinants. The mechanisms of human DNA resonate the greatest trinity: All that was, All that is and All that will ever be.

Scientists and researchers alike have affirmed the reality of a message or code on the level of the genetic make-up of man that co-evolves life according to a higher evolutionary system of order. The bio-strusture as a complex system following a divine plan challenges the modern idea of the physical world while simultaneously showing that there are higher levels of order and balance (Islam), that is, a world not dominated by chaos and disorder. Hence all is sustained by the divine principles of Islam (Maat): balance, order, harmony and peace. Simply put, there exists a trinity process, the triune ALLAH (MHK11:36), that imprints the genetic information of the amino acid sequence. This sequence is governed by the interaction of the three letters (the “H” appears twice) of the Divine Name (Y-H-V or A-L-H) which are used to create the twenty, plus two, basic amino acids; hence the 22 Hebrew alphabets, the 22 amino acids and the 22 chapters of Revelations. Understand that the asiatic genetic code is a unique structure of instructions for how the human genome works with the vast assortment of information in the evolution of the asiatic bio-structure. Then advance forward by further understanding that in the mystical teachings of the asiatic scriptures, the life instruction manual for the human body in the form of ATP molecules is sustained by the word (Logos) of God (ALLAH) as an alphabet system of bio-physical instructions for the life supporting ingredients of the garment of flesh that clothes each man and woman as a bio-spiritual super computer.

The relationship between the coded language of the Divine Name and the micro-biological parts of the asiaitic fabric can be seen in terms of the DNA spiral wave form of a select vibrational frequency which composes the asiaitic bio-frequency through the 64 genetic codons of a complex matrix. The divine genetic code is the operating mechanism by which man communicates through micro-signal ranges, where the vibratory link forms the genetic matter within the cellular structure as a pattern of divine energy matrix. The body is seen as a garment of flesh operating via a language of bio-chemical photons that provides for trillions of infromation signals per nano-second. The identity of each asiatic is stored in this inner labyrinth of chemical letters which equates the complete genome with the soul mechanism of life. The inner life study and development, the asiatic can only emerge from an unconsciousn state and understand the higher coding instructions by means of following the thread of life in the letters of the Names; therefore, man is doomed to perfection.

The ancient science of Dhikr, the intoning of the divine names of ALLAH, was utilized to linguistically compose for the activation of higher states of creativity and genetic transformation. More specifically, the ancient science of Dhikr utilized the cosmic forces that yield reactions that comes from intoning the divine names of ALLAH as a mantra. The ancient practice can increase the energy flow in the asiaitic’s individual’s garment of light and calibrate the individual’s DNA and RNA within the nuclei of the cells to release or unfold greater levels of understanding and psycho-spiritual development. Hence, this science of intoning the divine names of ALLAH not only musically resonates a calibrating source for the asiatic’s emotional body, but also increases the production of infection-fighting cells by generating frequencies that directly destroy invading bacteria.

In addition to sounding the divine vibrations of ALLAH, the divine names should be used with knowledge, wisdom and understanding as to the depth and the focus of each name and function, and for the praise of the living essence of ALLAH and his/her service, particularly since there is the temptation to use the divine names of power for material gain. The divine names of ALLAH are but a small component of the greater holism of wisdom which must incorporate affirmative prayer, self study, meditation, service and wisdom in a holy way of life: Islam.

Each divine name illustrates a power or cosmic function of ALLAH. The purpose behind the divine names of ALLAH is a function of love, divine instruction and empowerment, to do the works that uplift humanity back into greater realms of ALLAH.

-Zothyrius Ali El