Zothyrian Psychology: The Moorish Path to Adeptship and Mastery (pt. 1)

13 03 2007

“In yonder kingdom of the soul this carnal evolution is not known, and the great work of master minds is to restore the heritage of man, to bring him back to his estate that he has lost, when he again will live upon the ethers of his native plane. The thoughts of Allah change not; the manifests of life on every plane unfold into perfection of their kind; and as the thought of Allah can never die, there is no death to any being of the seven ethers of the seven Spirits of the Triune Allah.” - Moorish Holy Koran 11:36-37

In taking the first step of crossing over the threshold of mundane reality, the adept now travels the path toward the inner sanctorum and the heart of the microcosmic temple. This arduous path that leads upward on the “Mt. of Truth” deeply depends on the fidelity and the pure intent of the adept. These are the determining factors that decide whether the Asiatic initiate advances or remains stationary. It must be understood that Moorish Science has a history, philosophy and a system that is veiled in allegory and tradition throughout the planet sphere that resides within the plane of Assiah, the physical plane of manifestation. This path to enlightenment requires that the adept read, study, reflect, digest and discriminate while seeking the infinite stream of knowledge that is vaulted in Allah’s storehouse of wisdom.

Contemplation of the Holy MysteriesKnowledge, as the light frequency vehicle to higher understanding, is the purest and most real of human treasures, for it is the gateway to defining the otherwise unknown. It is the development of the Asiatic soul and its motivation to utilize its potential that knowledge unleashes the seed that is already perfect with its potential to grow and manifest the end result as designed in its bio-cosmic, etheric and divine blueprint. To learn, to gain knowledge, to acquire understanding, to display wisdom and to ascend to higher planes of being is the primary goal of each honorable and noble spirit being on the plane of Assiah. However, it is also of great benefit to teach and communicate that knowledge to the pure seeker; the one that has surrendered to the divine will of Allah (Moslem/Muslim); and the one that truly desires admittance into the greater realms of being and becoming. To teach with the intent of advancing another is a noble deed and also the worthiest work of man.

Cosmic Consciousness: A Study in the Evolution of the Human Mind (Arkana)To attain al Haqq, the true reality, and to serve humanity with the aim of uplifting fallen inhabitants of Assiah, is also the noblest destiny of man for all men are bound by cords and linked to one great and divine source. Hence to advance another is also to advance one’s self. As demonstrated in the intricate, yet beautiful tapestry of nature lays the blueprint to man’s spiritual growth and development. To understand how the spirit of man unfolds, compare it to the maturation of plant life, a tree. As the tree utilizes the carbon in the atmosphere, the moisture of the air, the rain, the photons (light), and the minerals supplied to the roots by the earth, and by the chemical transmutation that takes place at the cellular level that transforms the previously mentioned elements into sap, fiber, wood, leaves, fruit, perfumes and colors, so does the spirit absorbs and cultivates knowledge, and through a divine alchemy transmutes what it has gained and learned through experience, reflection and study, into its own substance, and grows from within with an inherent force and power that lie hidden in the mysterious working of nature.

The Psyche and Psychism (2 Volume Set)Moorish Science is an art for those who learn and understand the philosophy and its operative functionality; and its process will prove beneficial and useful to the adept who works to attain sovereignty of the lower aspects of being, to become adept in the secrets of the subtle realms of power. However, before any level of mastery is achieved, the adept must first choose between of the two paths while manifesting one of the two natures. The Asiatic creation must direct his/her attention toward the higher or the lower nature of him/her self, the noble or ignoble, that which changes or that which does not change (Aught). Moorish Science exists as a discipline, system and way to exalt the nobler and more honorable nature of the Asiatic creations over the profane, the divine man over the flesh man and the spiritual essence of infinity over the physical fetters of limitation.

As taught by the ancient Moorish Scientist and Universal adepts, truth is an eternal attribute of Allah and is the foundation of every virtue. The spirit-man is formed from the essence of truth while embodied in the material prison in which it is influenced by negative passions and intrusive thoughts and urges. However, through intense study and reflection, the desire for oneness with Allah motivates the Moorish adept to arrive at the knowledge of the greater principles of Nature through which lies the gateway to the eternal essence of Allah. This essence, the same that animates and vitalizes the mortal frame of man, quickens the consciousness into the similitude of Allah. In this phase of Asiatic evolution, the adept synthesizes the soul and the spirit to engage in the higher levels of the Divine mind of Allah.

The Elixir of the Gnostics: A parallel English-Arabic text (Islamic Translation Series)One of the greatest aspects of Moorish Science is the teaching that we are not mortal; that the spirit is not subject to decay or dissolution, but is immaterial and survives the death of the material body; that the spirit-man is capable of advancement within the hierarchies of Allah and that spirit-man can attain greater levels of being which makes man more and more worthy of immortality and the Divine attunement with most Holy, Ancient, Transcendental and Primordial Deity: Allah.

The indivisible unity of Allah (ahadiyya), through the system of Moorish Science, represents the liberation of the ego self from the physical limitations, and is the advancement and attunement into the realms of the unseen and intangible Divine consciousness. This is the height of Moorish Science and not some temporary heightened sense of ecstasy. The achievement of greater consciousness is gained when one liberates him/her self from the lower frequency thoughts that are perpetuated in the mundane psychic harmonic that is generated by bio-cosmic mainframe of illusion, the human brain.

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- Zothyrius Ali El