The Synchronicity of Destiny: The Unified Harmonic within Multiplicity

7 02 2007

The mind is an intangible instrument of which the brain is a vehicle. In this case, the “Mind” acts as the frequency (radio station) and the brain acts as the receiving component (stereo receiver). However, the key to self realization lies in the vibratory realm of the Divine Mind. Just as a man with limited perception creates limits on that which is unlimited and beyond his/her power of thought measurement, Man with a greater insight has a larger view and is more attuned to the finer frequencies of that which is sacred, infinite and limitless. This evolution of mind allows the adept to see, through inner sight, the divine essence of Allah in all that occupy the plane of manifestation: Assiah. However, it is within the psyche of basic human thought and behavior, to examine people, surroundings and knowledge from their level of thinking as an instrument, or mind, can only measure a thing that is within its scope of measurement (MHK 10:18). Hence, a mind that seeks imbalance will find that which he/she desires, even in that which is balanced. The genesis of Man’s being is within his/her mind as stated in the etymology of the term man. In Sanskrit, the term for Man is manu or manushi and the term for mind is manas, thus expressing Man’s existence within the state of Mind. However, all of the external stimuli that seemingly exists before his eyes (illusion receptors) hides all other aspects of his true being, which in comparison to his external observations, seem invisible, unreal and insignificant.

The Self-Disclosure of God: Principles of Ibn Al-'Arabi's Cosmology (Suny Series in Islam)Within ancient Islamic text is the saying, “If you wish to Know Allah, you must know yourself,” but while man is intoxicated and overwhelmed with the lower self and the realm(s) of illusion and (supposed) individualism, his path toward “Mind” attunement remains distant and unseen. Man, in this state of lower self involvement, sees himself as being a separate being with no connection being between “you” and “me.” This limited and basic concept of being fails to encompass the (greater) reality that each inhabitant is not only affected by the involuntary physiological activities that maintain his/her existence, but also the activities of others that directly affect Man’s emotions, motivation, perception and behaviors. The whole activity of Man’s mundane “life” depends on these thoughts and interactions and is changed according to their fluctuation in vibration. Therefore, Man is not truly independent or an individual as the essence of Allah permeates “all” through interaction and the science of synchronicity. Man is connected by thought and frequency; however, the degree of influence is based on the strength and personality that is receiving or sending the imagery of thought and vibration. With constant study, one begins to see how all lives are linked to one another by the unified current that runs through all; there are many lamps and globes of illumination, but one source of nourishment that remains constant in all, whether seen or unseen.

Kybalion: A Study of the Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and GreeceThe Moorish Scientist seeks to realize this source of nourishment and chooses to impress this universal constant onto his/her mind template. Just as it appears that each wave of the ocean is an individual aquatic expression, it must return to its source from which a seemingly “new” wave may arise. The conclusion – there is only one, not many. However, the myriad, grades and degrees of feeling, thought and imagination, create experience that ultimately returns to the infinite depths of the divine mind where they (experiences) are assimilated and record in the greater realms of Akasha.

All aspects of life have a central focal point by which everything meets and joins together and that meeting place is within the Divine Mind of Allah. The purification of mind lies in the realization that the sea by which the varying degrees and grades of forms and names connect in one unified harmonic and that harmonic is the controlling mechanism of all thought vibration, mental sensation and perceptive ability.

The Qur’an is recorded as stating “No single atom moves independently of the hand of Allah;” therefore no thing or activity of any kind takes place, either here or there, in the galactic heavens, without the impulse from within and from the depths of being, where all signature frequencies (minds) and the effects of their activity meet and unite in Allah. This concept then urges the adept and initiate of “ahadiyya” (the unity of Allah) to act in the law of reciprocity, as the secret of inner peace and happiness lies in this cosmic principle. However, this principle does not encourage the seeking of happiness in others as the defining point of internal happiness and being, as? this principle is founded upon the acts of service and charity without the conscious and premeditated expectation of reward. If the world was viewed as dome where each action becomes a rippling vibration of another, the dynamics of this principle would demonstrate the following: Do positive works and those works would be returned to you; if not from one person, then from another. However, justice and reward will only be rendered when one becomes self-less, such is the law of justice. Do not do good deeds for the sake of reward, but because it is the nature and essence of your being.

Journey to the Lord of Power: A Sufi Manual on RetreatThrough balanced action and balanced thought, the Moorish Scientist develops his/her mind in the manner or purification: action, thought, behavior and feeling. This act of balance requires that the action of “judgment” not be used, for how could a finite mind judge the infinite process of evolution and role each Asiatic creation play in this drama of being and becoming? Whatever differences in principles of positive and negative action religious faiths may attempt to extrapolate, no two individuals will ever differ in the following principle: every soul seeks after the virtue of beauty and positive life experience as no one naturally demands to be abused, deceived, or mistreated.

Once the unity of Mind, the law of reciprocity, and synchronicity of destiny is understood and followed, the Moorish Scientist need not follow any particular belief system or restrict him/her self to a particular path as he/she will be practicing Islam whether they recognize it or not. At that moment in development, one has no purpose for being dependent on one particular path of attainment as it is then learned that inner beauty and divine attainment it not something you get from another; but a living essence in action that you give through your actions and your thoughts. The perfection of “Mind” is developed through contemplation, reflection, self realization and understanding of the one current that flows through the whole of “life.” That which we call “The Deity” is the depth of being, the essence of all activity to which all activity and every action is connected. This is the science of origin and return, the unity of Allah. The seeker of Aught (truth) affirms that his/her work is to forget the self, to obliterate separateness and become like the wave that realizes “I am the ocean,” and by losing himself into the ocean prostrates to its most divine self: Allah. In this, “‘be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect (Mathew 5:48).’

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-Zothyrius Ali El (as inspired by Shondra Ali El)