Moorish Science: The Self Disclosure to ALLAH Reality

16 01 2007

The deepest and purest essence of Moorish Science is not intended for those seeking surface knowledge or those looking for a false sense of intellectual status; instead, Moorish Science acts as a conduit for the study of the most ancient and sacred wisdom: Islam. This universal system of mastery prepares the adept for the experience with the inner master: The Higher Self.

To understand the deeper aspects of the practice of Moorish Science, an adept has to constantly search for enlightenment and an operative level of knowledge that is based on the spiritual attument with higher consciousness frequencies and a theophany of al- Haqq (truth) as a result of beatific vision. This level of study requires that the adept open his/her “inner spiritual eye” and extend his/her own conscience beyond the limits of the material/ carnal existence. This is the path to super consciousness.

The Self-Disclosure of God: Principles of Ibn Al-'Arabi's Cosmology (Suny Series in Islam)To truly comprehend the divine lessons of Moorish Science, one must prepare them selves for an intricate and arduous journey to the “Throne of Mercy,” sarir al-rahmaniyya. To better understand the intimacy of ALLAH development within each man and woman, the following parable best explains how one gains insight into the spiritual realms of ALLAH.

“During a time of abundance and wisdom, several scholars (alims) came to a sheik and requested that he explain the ancient and eternal wisdom of Moorish Science. The sheik smiled and stated, “If it is Allah’s will, you shall learn the mysteries of ALLAH on ‘this’ day.” The sheik then invited the scholars into his house and asked them to wait for a short time while he withdrew to a separate room to make retreat (khawla) to Allah. The sheik returned after several hours and stated that the wisdom of ALLAH was revealed in vision. He further stated that if the scholars received the same vision, then the mysteries of ALLAH was theirs; however, if they did not experience the glory of ALLAH, then they had to either seek another sheik or learn to seek the answers from within. The depth of this parable demonstrates that it is impossible to teach “truth,” but one can only be guided to the source of truth for each individual has to “experience” truth – not be “told” truth.

The pure essence of the sacred and mystic spiritual system of Moorish Science is revealed by ALLAH’s kindness only to those, who are seeking and making effort to achieve an inner understanding of the “Unity of ALLAH” (ahadiyya) by self study and self mastery.

  • Moorish Holy Koran 3:14-15 “If you would ask me what to study, I would say, yourselves; and when you well have studied them; and then would ask me what to study next, I would reply, yourselves. He who knows well his lower self, knows the illusions of the world, knows of the things that pass away; and he who knows his higher self, know Allah; knows well the things that cannot pass away.”

The divine lessons, held within Moorish Science, act as the sacred teachings that hold the “keys” to the knowledge of the inner Universe. Its goal are to bring the Asiatic creation up to the higher levels of perfection.

  • Moorish Holy Koran – “Man cannot die; the spirit-man is one with Allah, and while Allah lives man cannot die. When man has conquered every foe upon the plane of soul the seed will have full opened out, will have unfolded in the Holy Breath. The garb of soul will then have served its purpose well, and man will need it never more, and it will pass and be no more and man will then attain unto the blessedness of perfectness and be at one with Allah.”

Man was given Moorish Science, Islam, to comprehend the creations of the Most High, ALLAH, and to perceive the glory? of the Most High, ALLAH, to reach the Throne of Mercy. Hence the specific range of means and methods used in the practice of Moorish Science, which can be quite difficult for understanding, remains as a science for those pure in intent and pure in heart. Moorish Science, by way of the Holy Koran of Mecca and the Moorish Holy Koran, teaches the importance of gaining understanding of the true and pure reality of ALLAH. Reaching this level of consciousness opens a plethora of possibilities for the development of Man.

The expressed teachings of Noble Drew Ali, encoded within the Moorish Holy Koran, lies enlightenment for man, the unique creation of ALLAH. However, it must also be known, that a true Moorish Scientist is not so bold to believe of think that the Moorish Holy Koran is the “only” written tool for self mastery. Many text have been placed before Man for his spiritual development, just as ALLAH have sent many messengers to guide Man toward his/her true destiny. If the adept (you) do not remeber anything else, please “know,” that” Man is doomed to perfection” whether he/she likes it or not.

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- Zothyrius Ali El